There is no better way to conjure up a Christmas vibe…

We have been producing nativity scenes since about 2000. At present, nativity scenes made of burnt clay are probably not produced in this concept and in such sizes in Czech Republic. Each scene is individually handcrafted and therefore different and unique.

Our nativity scenes depict characters and scenes, traditionally processed in Czech nativity scenes for several centuries. Here we find the central scene, the figures of the three kings, groups of donors, worshippers and shepherds, but also the inhabitants during normal daily (e.g. agricultural) activities.

The characters are depicted in period clothing, realistically, the concept of nativity scenes avoids any folk stylization or updating (for example, the transfer of the story to Central Europe).

Evening illumination is installed on all nativity scenes. Small nativity scenes are assembled into one piece, large ones consist of parts measuring about 10 x 15 cm, placed on a wooden base.

Nativity scenes are currently available from the manufacturer for prices of approximately 600–1600 EURO for small nativity scenes. The prices of large nativity scenes are determined by agreement.

…than by portraying the magical scene of the birth of Jesus Christ.


Welcome to the photo gallery. When looking at the details, it is necessary to keep in mind that the nativity scenes are conceived in a certain Baroque-expressive style; the figures are in fact about 6 cm high.